Thursday, January 27, 2011

New Role

"So, what do you do," asked my friend when learning of my appointment as the new General Secretary for Mennonite Church Canada. I blinked back, straight faced, searching wildly for an impressive answer.

"I, ..... I, ..... do, ..... general, ......... ah, ..... secretar - ial, ..... duties, ... and, ...stuff," I smiled back with my most important looking smile.

Thank God for friends, with low expectations, who will allow me time to discover this new role.

I am actually quite excited about the opportunity of helping our Area Churches and congregations be part of God's activity in this world.

If you follow this blog, we will discover together exactly what it is that the General Secretary does. But more importantly, what it is that God is up to across the country in our Area Churches and congregations.


  1. One of the things that, as a pastor, I'd welcome from you, as Gen Sec, is your overseer-ship - keeping the big picture in mind and in front of us. I know we no longer use terms like overseer/Aeltester/Bishop in MC Canada; but the fact remains that the Church always has/will/and should set someone aside to keep the big picture in mind and keep pointing us to that shared vision.

    Personally, I'd be glad to call that position by the 'bishop' title - but since Mennonites are in the habit of re-inventing the wheel, I'm fine with other names (General Secretary, Conference Pastor, etc...) the role is still that we as a larger body of churches long to have someone lead us and show us our vision of Jesus, again and again.

    I met you in Calgary at your 'unveiling' session and am confident that God has, and will, use you and your gifts to the service of His church.

    Your brother in Christ,


  2. You have been an encouragement to me. I appreciated our short conversation in Winkler.