Monday, February 7, 2011

Items of National Concern

I sipped my coffee and listened intently. This was an important beginning to an important task. I sat across the table from the MP and his Communications Assistant waiting for his insights to my question.

It seems to me that one of the responsibilities of a denomination is be the collective voice to our government. This is a task that no other part of the Church can do. Only the denomination can represent all 225 congregations within 5 Area Churches. So I began with this meeting to try and glean some perspective from one of our MP's.

"What are the concerns of a national scope that you think the church should have a voice in," I asked?

Together, we identified three items of concern that transcend across Canada. These items affect every Area Church and most likely most of our congregations. The three items of national concern are: Aboriginal Relations, Multiculturalism/anti-racism, and Poverty.

I indicated that I was hoping to meet with other MP's as I visit congregations across Canada, and he offered to furnish me with some names and addresses.

It was my first inquiry. One I hope to repeat several more times across the country. It was a good meeting.

Before I left I was also encouraged to offer a positive voice on behalf of the Church. I was invited to remain in dialogue and to offer concerns.

"But we also need to hear when government gets it right," said the MP.

So true.

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  1. It's so good to read that the items the MP identified for our input are items that are important to the church, because they are an important part of God's vision of shalom.